Upcoming Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle Litters at Manor Lake for Fall/Winter 2017!  

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to replace a sire due to mother nature having other plans or to improve the quality of a litter.

 Manor Lake Mia Hamm x Manor Lake Habanero "Hobbes"

Miniature - Apricot, Red
Due Mid January
Ready for Homes Mid March

Our Mia and Hobbes met one crisp fall afternoon and it was love at first sight. Soon after they snuck away and we expect their litter just as the first signs of Spring appear here in the Northwest! Mia is a little girl with a huge heart who adores spending time with her people and Hobbes is a longtime client and staff favorite for his cute looks and the wonderful temperament he passes on. Their puppies should mature to between 20-25lbs and carry on their parents wonderful traits including soft allergy and asthma friendly and non-shedding.

Manor Lake Sheez A Lady x Manor Lake Milo

Large Miniature/Small Medium - Chocolate/Cafe
Due Mid February
Ready for Homes Mid April

It's another match made in Heaven...or at least at Manor Lake! Lady is a gorgeous chocolate/cafe wavy fleece female and Milo with his dark chocolate wavy fleece coat are going to produce some gorgeous puppies! Both are great dogs with very sweet and wonderful personalities. Lady lives in a guardian home locally with close personal friends who have two younger sons in the home. They loved Lady so much that they adopted a daughter from Lady's last litter to keep the family company in Lady's absence. She is both spoiled and loved, great with kids and people. Milo lives with us at Manor Lake and is a chill and fun loving boy that follows our staff around, loves to chew on his bones and toys and run around and plays and wrestles with his doggy friends. This litter will have our signature Manor Lake wavy fleece coats that are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding. 

Manor Lake Spicy Hot x Hale's Love Bug "Patches"

Miniature - Apricot, Red
Due Late-Mid February
Ready for Homes Late-Mid April

Congratulations to our Spicy Girl and Hales' Love Bug "Patches" who are the best of friends and love birds! Their previous litter of puppies was just too cute that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to repeat. Spicy and Patches are the center of attention and always the stars of the show. With these gorgeous coats and smiles, how could they not? This litter will be a wonderful mix of creams and apricots hopefully with some fun and interesting markings. Don't miss out on this one! These puppies will also have silky soft wavy fleece coats that are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.

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