Upcoming Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle Litters at Manor Lake for Fall/Winter 2017!  

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to replace a sire due to mother nature having other plans or to improve the quality of a litter.

Manor Lake Charlee x Manor Lake Bentley
Miniature - Chocolate/Cafe, Apricot, Black
Due Mid November
Ready for Homes Mid January

Our darling Charlee and Bentley are expecting and we couldn't be more thrilled! These two wonderful dogs are a perfect match. Charlee is a sweet and laid back girl with kind eyes and a smile to match. Bentley has a gentle therapy like temperament and such wonderful good looks that he really stands out! We're looking forward to this litter who will be ready to go home in mid January. Charlee and Bentley’s pups will inherit their beautiful blocky builds and trademark allergy/asthma friendly fleece.

Manor Lake Queen Ravenna x Manor Lake Habanero
Small Medium - Apricot, Red
Due Mid December
Ready for Homes Mid February

This litter will be “royally” beautiful! Our Queen Ravenna and Habanero “Hobbes” produced a litter of such wonderful puppies that we had to repeat the pairing! “Enna” is a beautiful addition to our program and follows in the footsteps of her wonderful parents. Hobbes is our resident ladies’ man with a fun playful spirit and rich red fleece. These puppies will be carrying on the best of both these lines and are sure to be special. Like all our puppies, this litter will have our trademark soft, wavy, allergy/asthma friendly fleece.  

Manor Lake Nike Swoosh x Manor Lake Milo
Large Mini/Small Medium - Chocolate/Cafe
Due Late December
Ready for Homes Late February

Our Manor Lake Nike Swoosh and Milo have honeymooned and we are eagerly awaiting their new arrivals. Nike is a gentle and loving girl who is a great mom and has produced one litter of beautiful puppies. Milo is cute as a button with his white chest and square build. We think this match will give us something truly special. Both will pass on their sweet temperaments, good looks and soft wavy fleece which is allergy and asthma friendly and little to non-shedding.

Manor Lake New Orleans 'Nola' x Manor Lake Maximus
Large Medium - Apricot, Red
Due Late December
Ready for Homes Late February

Have you been dreaming of a dog with a regal presence that turns heads on the street and a sweet temperament that wants to cuddle with you at home? Then this is the litter for you! Manor Lake Maximus is our RED boy who certainly passes his stunning color on to his babies as well as beautiful build. Manor Lake Nola is a proven mom who has produced some exceptional puppies and is a sweet and extremely loyal girl. This litter will be big and striking, and like their parents will carry on the Manor Lake stamp of exceptional temperament, confirmation and fleece.

Manor Lake First Place Finisher 'Rio' x Manor Lake Oscar de la Renta
Miniature - Chocolate/Cafe, Cream, Parti
Due Mid January
Ready for Homes Mid March

First Place Finisher “Rio” and Oscar are quite taken with each other, and we expect Rio to welcome their puppies in mid-January. These two sweet dogs are both credits to our program with wonderful temperaments and great good looks, and we think they will produce some lovely puppies together. Rio is a happy go lucky girl with the sweetest personality and is a great mama. Oscar is a such a charming gentleman who lives with a loving guardian home and we are always happy to see when he visits us. We can’t wait to meet their puppies, how about you?

Manor Lake Lady Sansa x Manor Lake Top Chef
Medium - Apricot, Red
Due Mid January
Ready for Homes Mid March

Manor Lake Lady Sansa and Manor Lake Top Chef have a case of young love! These two beautiful dogs are both up and coming in our breeding program and we’re excited to see their first litter. Sansa is a sweet and gentle girl who wants to go everywhere with you will be a wonderful mother, and Top Chef is just a stunning boy with an outgoing personality and happy view on life. We expect this litter to be a beautiful mix of apricots and reds. Their puppies will carry on the Manor Lake stamp of blocky build, sweet and playful temperament and soft wavy fleece which is allergy and asthma friendly.

Manor Lake Lady Mia Hamm x Manor Lake Habanero

Mniature - Apricot, Red
Due Mid January
Ready for Homes Mid March

Our Mia and Hobbes met one crisp fall afternoon and it was love at first sight. Soon after they snuck away and we expect their litter just as the first signs of Spring appear here in the Northwest! Mia is a little girl with a huge heart who adores spending time with her people and Hobbes is a longtime client and staff favorite for his cute looks and the wonderful temperament he passes on. Their puppies should mature to between 20-25lbs and carry on their parents wonderful traits including soft allergy and asthma friendly fleece which is little to non-shedding.

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