Upcoming Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle Litters at Manor Lake for Spring/Summer 2017!  

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to replace a sire due to mother nature having other plans or to improve the quality of a litter.


Manor Lake Xena x Manor Lake Milo
Large Mini/Small Medium – Cream, Chocolate/Café, white markings possible
Due Late May
Ready for Homes Late July

Manor Lake Xena and Manor Lake Milo snuck away for a romantic early spring honeymoon and are now looking forward to welcoming their furry bundles of joy. Xena has blessed us with several beautiful litters and consistently passes on her sweet temperament and textbook perfect conformation. Milo is just entering our program after completing testing with flying colors, and we think these two are destined to produce something wonderful together! Their puppies will carry on our trademark Manor Lake temperament, blocky build and wavy allergy/asthma friendly soft fleece coat.

Manor Lake Cocoa x Manor Lake Habanero “Hobbes”
Medium – Cream, Red, Chocolate/Café,
Due End of May
Ready for Homes End of July

Our Cocoa and Habanero “Hobbes” are each longtime client favorites in our program, so it seems fitting that they should meet this spring! Both come from long lines of exceptional parents here at Manor Lake and are prime examples of all the qualities we breed for. Cocoa is the sweetest loving mama with the softest chocolate coat you’ve ever seen. Hobbes is our resident ladies’ man with a fun playful spirit and rich red fleece. These puppies will be the carrying on the best of both these lines and are sure to be special. Like all our puppies, this litter will have our trademark soft, wavy, allergy/asthma friendly fleece.

Manor Lake Sotheby “Bea” x Manor Lake Meant To Be “Emmett”
Medium – Cream, Apricot, Red
Due End of May
Ready for Homes End of July

We think Bea and Emmett are a match that’s “Meant to Be”! Our Emmett continues to give us truly standout puppies with big solid builds and fantastic temperaments, and we think this pairing with Manor Lake Sotheby “Bea” will be no exception. Bea is such a relaxed, kind spirited girl with an easy grace about her. We expect their puppies to be on the large side of medium with beautiful wavy fleece coats, attention grabbing eyes, and laid back personalities. They will be ready for their new loving homes at the end of July.

Manor Lake New Orleans "Nola" x Manor Lake Heart Breaker
Large Medium/Small Standard -- Cream, Apricot, Red. White Markings Possible.
Due Early June
 Ready for Homes Mid August


The warm sunshine and bright flowers put Nola and Heart Breaker in the mood and we are looking forward to welcoming their sweet puppies in the beginning of June! This wonderful pair will produce some big beautiful pups together! Nola’s sweet loving temperament and Heart Breaker’s playful and gentle spirit ensure that this litter will have the best of all worlds. They should mature to approximately 40-50lbs, and will inherit their parents excellent blocky builds and wavy, allergy/asthma friendly fleece.

Manor Lake First Place Finisher "Rio" x Manor Lake Milo
Miniature -- Cream, Chocolate/Cafe
Due Early June
Ready for Homes Early August

First Place Finisher “Rio” and Milo are quite taken with each other, and Rio is now expecting her first precious litter! These two sweet dogs are exciting new additions to our breeding program and we think they will produce some lovely puppies together. Rio is a happy go lucky girl with the sweetest personality and will be a great mama. Milo is a such a charming people pleaser that these puppies are sure to be total dolls! We can’t wait to meet them, how about you?

 Manor Lake Nike Swoosh x Manor Lake Blake Shelton
  Medium-- Cream, Chocolate/Cafe
Due Mid June
Ready for Homes Mid August

Manor Lake’s Nike Swoosh and Blake Shelton have honeymooned and are proudly expecting Nike’s first litter! Blake is a client favorite who consistently produces adorable puppies with wonderful temperaments. Nike is up and coming in the program and is as beautiful and sweet as can be, with solid confirmation and a rich dark chocolate fleece. This litter will be cute cute cute! We are expecting chocolate and possibly cream coat colors in litter as well as excellent temperaments and blocky builds.   

Manor Lake Mocha x Manor Lake Meant To Be "Emmett"
  Large Mini/Small Medium-- Cream, Apricot, Chocolate/Cafe
Due Mid June
Ready for Homes Mid August

Manor Lake Meant to Be “Emmett” romanced our darling Manor Lake Mocha off her feet and we are excited to welcome their beautiful puppies into the world. Mocha is just cute as a button and full of fun and pep. Emmett is a truly striking boy with mesmerizing eyes and a stunning build who consistently producing exceptional puppies. This litter should have a mix of colors and the possibility of white markings or parti coloring, and will likely mature to between 20-35 pounds.


Manor Lake Spicy Hot x Hale's Love Bug "Patches" at Manor Lake
  Miniature-- Cream, Apricot, Red. White Markings Likely.
Due Late June
Ready for Homes Late August

Congratulations to Spicy Hot and Hale’s Love Bug “Patches,” who are expecting their bouncing bundles of joy in late summer! These two beautiful dogs are both rising stars in our breeding program and we’re so excited to see their first litter. Spicy girl is our darling, always eager to please and happy to go everywhere we go. Love Bug is just that, a total softie with such a playful spirit and the silkiest fleece you ever felt. We expect this litter to be a beautiful mix of creams, apricots and reds hopefully with fun and interesting white markings!


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