Before you receive your puppy read these tips and download our health guarantee.

  • Download our health guarantee and read it – (located on our website under “make a deposit” at the bottom)
  • Choose a vet and make an appointment within 72 hours of when you will be receiving your puppy
  • Begin shopping for obedience/training classes
  • Buy puppy food – we feed Taste of the Wild High Pacific Stream Puppy OR Canine Formula – depending on the age of your puppy/dog.
  • Buy a dog bed or two.
  • Purchase an ID tag and a second leash (we send a Lupine collar with your puppy in a 9 to 13 inch size – ( and a Manor Lake leash
  • For toys and other items to help you prep for the arrival for your new puppy or dog, we have our very own Manor Lake Puppy Pack that comes in three different sizes and is offered with the option of it coming with a crate or without. It is full of helpful items such as food and water dishes, toys, toothbrushes, potty pads, and more! The sizes and prices are listed below:

Trupanion Pet Insurance and Manor Lake have come together to offer you and your puppy the first 30 days of your puppy’s time home with you to be covered under their amazing insurance plan completely free of charge for you! We will supply you with paperwork from Trupanion that comes with your puppy when you pick up and all you have to do is give them a call at 855.266.2156 within 24 hours of picking up your puppy to start your 30 days of insurance for free. You do not need to supply them with any payment information. It is time sensitive so please bring your attention to this in the allotted time, we strongly urge you to sign up for this completely free program.

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Items to Bring When You Pick Up Your Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Bottled water or Water Rover
Water dish
Old towels
Plastic bag for poop scoop up

If you take your Australian Labradoodle puppy out of the crate, please attach a leash – your Australian Labradoodle puppy is not leash trained but attaching the leash is a safety measure.

Use the old towel, if necessary, to clean off your puppy if the puppy was not able to “hold it” in the crate.

Hold and comfort your Australian Labradoodle puppy – he/she maybe a little scared

Once you are back in the car, your Australian Labradoodle puppy can sit on a lap or ride in the crate

Do take your Australian Labradoodle puppy home for quiet time with you and your family for the first 24 hours

Keep in mind that your puppy is not fully vaccinated until it has had at least 3 puppy shots. Dog parks and pet stores are not a good idea until your puppy is fully vaccinated.

Helpful Hints on House Training

Your Australian Labradoodle puppy has been trained to a potty pad when indoors, and going outside in groups on grassy areas when age appropriate and weather permits. We recommend taking your new puppy out to go potty every 30-45 minutes for the first two weeks. Taking away food and water between 5-6pm will also be very helpful and allow puppy to empty his/her bladder prior to bedtime recommended 10-11pm that you’re putting your puppy in a crate for the night. There is no need to take your puppy out to go potty in the middle fo the night, nor do we recommend it. Your puppy should be just fine at this point to make it and sleep through the night. In the morning between 6-7am you will pick up your puppy and carry him or her outside for their morning potty.

Remember, when your Australian Labradoodle puppy eats, wait almost ½ an hour and the puppy will need to go potty and poop either on the potty pad or outside with the command “go potty”. Consistency is with potty training your new Australian Labradoodle puppy!

Recommended Books
Dog Training for Dummies
Dog Whisperer (comes in CDs too)
Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

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