Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles offers stud service to approved breeding females through either Natural Breeding or Artificial Insemination (AI) methods. We have shipped chilled and frozen semen across the United States and around the world. Our fully licensed veterinarian will collect and analyze semen to ensure top quality. We then ship chilled semen directly to your veterinarian within 24 hours for breeding. We also are available for natural breeding if you choose to bring your female to us.

Frozen semen is also available and is processed through the International Canine Semen Bank (ICSB) based in Sandy, Oregon. See below for studs available through frozen semen.

Requirements for Qualified Dam Owners:

  • Copy of Dam’s pedigree showing three to five generation
  • Copies of all Dam’s health testing. Must have at minimum clear hip and eye testing through PennHIP or OFA, and CERF or PRA
  • Negative brucellosis test for all Natural Breeding. Not required for AI breeding
  • Dam owner is responsible for all collection and shipment cost for AI breeding, or all travel costs in the case of Natural Breeding
  • Signed contract agreeing that all resulting puppies will be spayed/neutered before being released to families, with the exception of puppies held back for breeding stock

Manor Lake will Provide:

  • Copy of Studs pedigree
  • Copies of all Stud’s health testing including clear hip and eye certificates
  • Copy of the Stud Contract

If you are interested in breeding to one of our studs, please contact us directly at or (360) 303-0497.

Stud Dogs Available Only Through Frozen Semen

Tegan Park Royal Flush
Manor Lake Mozart 
Manor Lake Blueberry
Alladin’s Joey
Manor Lake New Moon’s Jacob
Manor Lake Cream of the Crop
Green Gables Sir Kelby
Manor Lake Marquie
Tamaruko Sir William
Manor Lake Most Interesting Man in the World
Gemstone’s Nirvana’s Bodhi