Available Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle Puppies
at Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles

Thank you for your interest in our puppies! We keep our website up to date as much as possible. Please email us to answer specific questions that are not answered for you on our website at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com. We will respond to you within 24 business hours. If you do not hear back from us, please do check your junk/spam folder as sometimes emails end up there or reach back out to us.

We are currently accepting applications/deposits for our available now puppies and for our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies in Chocolate/Cafe, Red, Black, Apricot and Cream to loving homes in Standard, Medium and Miniature sizes.


Confused on what size may be best for you? Check out our page detailing the different sizes in our wonderful breed!






Please see below for our current available puppy litters accepting applications.


Manor Lake Nike Swoosh x Manor Lake Milo
Large Mini/Small Medium - Chocolate/Cafe
Born December 25, 2017
Ready for Homes Around March 1, 2018


Our Manor Lake Nike Swoosh and Milo have honeymooned and have not disappointed us with their gorgeous litter of chocolate puppies! Nike is a gentle and loving girl who is a great mom and has produced one litter of beautiful puppies. Milo is cute as a button with his white chest and square build. Both will pass on their sweet temperaments, good looks and soft wavy fleece which is allergy and asthma friendly and non-shedding.

Manor Lake New Orleans "Nola" x Manor Lake Maximus
Large Medium/Small Standard - Apricot, Red
Born December 28, 2017
Ready for Homes Around March 1, 2018


Have you been dreaming of a dog with a regal presence that turns heads on the street and are sweet temperament that wants to cuddle with you at home? Then this is the litter for you! Manor Lake Maximus is our RED boy who certainly passes his stunning color on to his babies as well as beautiful build. Manor Lake Nola is a proven mom who has produced some exceptional puppies and is a sweet and extremely loyal girl. This litter will be big and striking, and like their parents will carry on the Manor Lake stamp of exceptional temperament, confirmation and wavy fleece coats that are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.

Manor Lake Sotheby x Manor Lake Meant to be Emmett
Medium - Cream, Apricot, Red
Born January 1, 2018
Ready for Homes March 8, 2018

Manor Lake Sotheby and Manor Lake Meant To Be "Emmett" were sure meant to be! Just look at this adorable and perfect litter of apricot and red puppies with the cutest white markings on the top of their heads! Bea is such an adoring and caring mother. Emmett is a fun loving and goofy dog that is always keeping us smiling and laughing. As always, Manor Lake puppies have a nice soft wavy fleece coat that is allergy/asthma friendly
and non-shedding.

Manor Lake First Place Finisher 'Rio' x Manor Lake Oscar de la Renta
Miniature - Chocolate/Cafe
Born January 8, 2018
Ready for Homes March 15, 2018

First Place Finisher “Rio” and Oscar are quite taken with each other, and we expect Rio to welcome their puppies in mid-January. These two sweet dogs are both credits to our program with wonderful temperaments and great good looks, and we think they will produce some lovely puppies together. Rio is a happy go lucky girl with the sweetest personality and is a great mama. Oscar is a such a charming gentleman who lives with a loving guardian home and we are always happy to see when he visits us. We can’t wait to meet their puppies, how about you? It also goes without saying that our Manor Lake puppies have soft wavy fleece coats that are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.
Manor Lake Vera Wang x Manor Lake Hugo Boss
Miniature - Cream, Apricot, Red
Born January 14, 2018
Ready for Homes March 22, 2018

Our beautiful and sweet Vera Wang sure gave us some sweet and adorable puppies! This was a great match with one of our Manor Lake and client favorites, Hugo Boss. These are going to be smaller miniature puppies at full maturity with allergy/asthma friendly, non-shedding wavy fleece coats. If you have been waiting for a smaller miniature size puppy, you won't want to miss out on this litter!

Manor Lake Sheez A Lady x Manor Lake Milo
Large Miniature/Small Medium - Chocolate/Cafe
Born February 9, 2018
Ready for Homes April 19, 2018

It's another match made in Heaven or at least at Manor Lake! Lady is a gorgeous chocolate/cafe wavy fleece female and Milo with his dark chocolate wavy fleece coat are going to produce some gorgeous puppies! Both are great dogs with very sweet and wonderful personalities. Lady lives in a guardian home locally with close personal friends who have two younger sons in the home. They loved Lady so much that they adopted a daughter from Lady's last litter to keep the family company in Lady's absence. She is both spoiled and loved, great with kids and people. Milo lives with us at Manor Lake and is a chill and fun loving boy that follows our staff around, loves to chew on his bones and toys and run around and plays and wrestles with his doggy friends. This litter will have our signature Manor Lake wavy fleece coats that are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding. 

Manor Lake Mystique x Manor Lake Can't Get No Satisfaction "Jagger"
Large Miniature/Small Medium - Creme, Chocolate/Cafe, Parti
Due Mid February
Ready for Homes Mid April

We are very excited to announce this pairing between Manor Lake Mystique and Jagger! This is going to be Mystique's first litter of puppies and we just know she is going to make a very good mama. If they are anything like her, we know they are just going to be perfect! Jagger has sired a couple of litters now and we are very impressed with the look, temperament and personality that we are seeing in his puppies. We are looking forward to seeing some parti fleece coats in this litter and perhaps creams and chocolates too. This litter is going to fill quickly as parti puppies are in very high demand and more rare to come by. It goes without saying, all Manor Lake puppies are allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.

Please contact us at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com for information and availability on any of our new litters or upcoming litters. 

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