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Hello. Opal is adjusting beautifully to life here on NC. Had the vet come by yesterday and he said she was doing great.

She is eating roughly 3/4 cup of food over the 3 meal times.  She plays, we train a bit and then she’ll nap.    We are nearing the end of a kitchen remodel so there have been lots of folks in And out any many noises – she does great w the new people and hasn’t been bothered by the noises.

She is such a cutie. And the best part is how she runs to my daughter when she walks in the door- can tell the dog is happy and my daughters grin is as big as it could be

Here is one of her playing.

Will send more as she grows. She has been an amazing addition to our family. If we have any questions, will certainly be in touch.

Regards, Karen

We are so in love with out sweet Maggie.  She has been such a wonderful

addition to our family.  We are so pleased!

Thank you so much!


Hello Melissa,

Zorro is ready for the beach!  It finally hit 90 degrees here in Boston!

FYI, my kids changed Zorro’s name to Snowball. They fight over him despite having 3 other dogs.  Snowball is so well behaved, happy, and handsome!  What a great addition to out big family!  Thank you!



It is going wonderfully!! See the happy pet owners in the pictures. We had their vet appointment on Saturday and they are healthy and happy.

– Renee

Thank you, Kim,

Our wonderful puppy Oakley, is growing up quickly. She is tons of fun and a really great dog for our family. I thought you might like to add her photo to your gallery.



Hello to everyone there at Manor Lake!

We are absolutely loving our little bundle of joy.  I wanted to send you a few pictures so you can see how he’s changed already. The one where he’s covered up was the day after we brought him home and our 4 year old thought she needed to make him comfortable! Thank you again for all of your great information and for your excellent breeding!  We look forward to many years with Murphy in our family.


Rachel and Jason

Thank you for checking in.  We have had Maggie for a full week now.  She is so sweet. We love her so much.  We are so grateful to have her in our family.

She will play until she is tired and then drop in your lap.  She follows me around from room to room, even if she is “asleep” – if I leave the room she is sure to follow.

She plays fetch and loves chewing on her toys, water bottles and anything else she can find.  Outside potty training is going fairly good.  She already has the doggie door figured out,  and she will only out after we do.  So cute.

We will have a family photo shoot soon, but we took a few just of her.  See attached.  Feel free to use the pictures as your own.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy for our family.




All is good! He’s just perfect, sleeping all night and he’s getting better each day with potty training! The kids just love him and he loves our outdoor lifestyle.  Thanks for checking in.


Hi Kim,


I wanted to send you a thank you note for doing such an incredible job with

your dogs and puppies. Coach is an absolute pleasure, adding so much to our

lives everyday – I am so lucky I get to be his best friend. Everyone that has met him loves him instantly thanks to his incredible personality, disposition and good looks.Two of my dear friends, are in the process of getting puppies from you after spending time with Coach – what an incredible testament to your puppies!!


I had the flu for 10 days and Coach was a loyal companion staying by my side

the entire time (no doubt bored out of his mind, poor guy). His loyalty and

companionship was so impressive and so very much appreciated. Attached are

pics of his nursing skills and a recent pic of him being cute too.


You have done a truly fantastic job – thank you for giving me such a perfect



-Emily M


Brody is doing great and it’s getting a little easier each day to find our schedule and rhythm.  The first two weeks were not always easy but his cuteness and sweetness helped get us through those moments.  He received a new toy today to celebrate his 12 week milestone and he starts puppy class next week.  House breaking is going well as long as we take him out on schedule and he is sleeping thru the night in his crate from 10pm until 6 – 6:30am which we are pretty happy about :-).  He has picked up commands very easily and with the help of some kibble, does well during bath time and brushing/grooming.

Here are a couple of photos I took last week.

Thanks again.


Hi all…I keep forgetting to send you some pictures of Madison.  She is such a joy and delight and enchants everyone she meets (2 legged and 4 legged alike). She’s now 5 1/2 months and is quite well behaved…although we do have to watch things like socks on the floor which is always preferable to her many toys spread throughout the house.

Attaching a few pictures…

warm regards,

Janet and Bruce

Hi Manor Lake:

Finally got some decent photos of Max, who continues to be a perfect pup (potty training is improving!).  Maxie is so eager to please, a happy pup who loves life and his family.  He comes when he is called, learned to sit in about two minutes and is working well on retrieving.  Of course there are lots of treats involved, and our older beagle is learning if she just hangs out, lo and behold a treat appears!

Thank you so much for Max. You guys do such an excellent job of starting these puppies.



Hi Kim and Melissa

We wanted to give you an update how Willow is doing in NYC! She is such an incredible and sweet puppy! Willow has truly impressed us with her confidence, smarts and ability to learn so quickly! She loves to play with other dogs and people, really enjoys the outside and smiles happily for every picture! Willow is such a beauty and loves strutting down the city streets wagging her tail while everyone stops to say hello! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and nothing is better than coming home to her loving puppy kisses!!! Thank you for such an amazing pup!


Jon Jordana and Willow



Hi Kim,

I am sending you a picture of our little Toby who is now 6 months old! It has been very exciting to see him grow! He has a huge fan following in the neighborhood–every little kid wants this fluffy teddy bear!  He continues to amaze us with his intelligence and adaptability. He is so perfect for our family—thank you!


Kim, Melissa and Megan,

We attached a current picture of Gracie and want to share some exciting news with you.  She just received certification from Love On A Leash to be a therapy dog.  Two local LOAL evaluators have been watching Gracie and I work together at skilled nursing and memory care facilities for the past four months.  The residents are amazed at how calm and soft she is.  They really like touching her face and she doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

Gracie and I, along with four other teams were recently asked by Memorial Hospital to start visiting families at Cottage In The Meadows, our hospice facility.  Tomorrow we will be making our first visit.

We’ve said it before but it needs to be said again, you raise amazing dogs.  She makes us laugh every day and we can’t imagine our life without her.

Warm regards,

Ike, Renee and Gracie Rose

Thanks for checking in! He’s been settling in really well, and everything is going great! We love the little guy so much. We named him Chewy (short for Chewbacca as we’re huge Star Wars fans!) He already seems to know his name, and he’s getting better at a few basic commands. He’s been great with other dogs, in fact an older dog of a friend of ours has been great at teaching him little things, like how to walk down the stairs! He met our young nieces on the weekend too and did great with the kids. His potty training is getting better every day, with less accidents all the time. We had a few sleepless nights at first, because he hated being in his crate at night. Now he seems used to it and we can finally sleep! He’s just amazing, and we’re so happy. Thank you

Hi Kim,

Roxy is now 6 month old and she is SOOOO cute!

She is super sweet, smart and devoted. Currently she is about 23 pounds.

She loves to be around our kids and other dogs.  She also loves water, fetching and digging in the sand at the beach. We have taken her sailing a few times and she does well on the boat.

She is a bit timid around strangers, but warms up quickly. She does well on the leash and loves her doggie play dates. We do have to keep her occupied with toys or she will chew anything she can get her cute paws on!

We absolutely love her and could not have asked for a better puppy for our family.

Thanks again for you help.

The Schuler Butler Family

Hi Kim,

Here are the latest pictures of Blossom, she is now 6 months old and just adorable. She graduated from puppy school and is now on to advanced with agility, can’t wait to see how she does. She gets lots of attention all the time and the dog trainer says she is the cutest thing he’s ever seen and that she gets cuter every week.

Happy Holidays


Hi Kim and Mollie,

We want to let you know that Elisabeth Bloom had a very nice first birthday! She even got a real birthday cap.
Bloom is the offspring of Lady Nora and Cloud Catchers Limited Edition Eddie. Happy birthday to all her brothers and sisters.
It is nice to see her sisters Bella Nora and Molly on your blog. We think Bloom is a little bit smaller (26 pounds and 18 inchs). But she is also very smart and well behaved. She loves to play with kids and her Doodle ’sister’ and friends.
It has been a wonderful year. Thank you so much for our lovely Bloom.

Babette and Jörgen

Kim / Mollie,

Sorry for the late birthday update.  Lucy turned 2 on October 30th and is just getting better and better.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that she is doing well and that I am still trying hard to talk my wife into another one of your dogs.  Here is a pic from this summer at our beach house.  She loves the beach.

New York

Hi Kim and Mollie,

I wanted to send a note thanking you for sending Coco (Lily/Eddie) to us. He is a perfect pup. He is now 7 months and is sweet, playful and easy-going.   His coloring is beautiful and he gets compliments wherever we go. He gets along great with our boys and has been a lovely addition to our family.



Hello Kim and Mollie, Apollo has now been with us for just over a week and we are so enjoying him !

I have attached a few pictures for you.



Hi Kim and Mollie,

This is a long overdue note to let you know how we are doing.  We are now approaching the first birthday of Bella Nora and Molly on December 4th.  They are the offspring of Manor Lake Nora and Cloud Catchers Limited Edition Eddie.

Bella has been a great addition to our family. We are so happy that our neighbors and friends have Bella’s sister, Molly.  Bella and Molly are best friends and love to be together. They enjoy hiking and playing almost every day.

We are amazed as to how smart Bella and Molly are.  People always comment on how beautiful and well behaved they are.  Our kids love them.  We can’t picture our lives without Bella and Molly.

We are grateful to Manor Lake for giving us two wonderful Labradoodles.  Attached is a picture of Bella and Molly enjoying each other’s company in the backyard.  The other picture is of Bella hiking.

 Thank you so much.

Maria, Maureen and family
New Jersey

This is  Piper with her buddy Lucy at age 5 months.  She is out of Stella and Ty.  She is the best puppy ever!  I’m constantly laughing at her. She has the happiest most fun personality and has never been a problem.  I have now decided I have a labradoodle addiction.

I have told many people about Manor Lake Labradoodles. I will continue to recommend your kennel. I cannot say enough good things about Piper and the people who bred her.


Hi Kim,

I promise we won’t send you pictures every year, but we wanted you to see Beau all grown up on his second birthday!

What a handsome dog. Notice he still has, and adores, that little yellow bear that you gave him!

Thanks again, The Moores

Hi Kim and Molly!

We wanted to send you some updated pictures of India. They were taken after a long day of playing at the beach.

India is the most loving, happy and even-tempered dog…..she has been such a joy in our lives.

Thank you!

Laura and Thomas

Dear Kim,

It’s been two years since you sent us our Joey, son of Lil Red and Legend (I think).  I wanted to let you know what an absolutely fabulous member of our family he is.  He is sweet to everyone, greeting guests with a wagging tail and his favorite ball for fetch.  He loves to ride around carpooling with me, and greats each kid with kisses.  He was very easy to train, and truly doesn’t shed.  My husband has bad dog allergies, and he’s completely fine with Joey.  Joey even sleeps in our room at night!  I’m attaching a few pictures, which of course don’t do him justice.  I may have to send them in a couple of emails.

Take care,


Kim & Mollie:

Thank you so much for Sable!  She’s been home with us for about two weeks now, and already it seems like she’s always been a part of the family.  My four daughters and I are just having a blast playing with her and loving up on her.  Sable very much is enjoying farm life here in Vermont, let’s hope her enthusiasm remains through the winter!   Even the cows are impressed with her.  Everyone who sees her is captivated by her beauty and charm.  Everyone wants to know “What kind of dog is it?”  And I proudly tell them she as a mini Australian Labradoodle!  Many of of friends were quite jealous to learn that Sable slept through the night from the very first night, with no more than 60 seconds of whining, and that was only the first week!  Puppy Kindergarten begins in a couple weeks, and I’m sure she’ll show off her intelligence and trainability there as well.  I’ve already bathed and groomed her, complete with with a quick trim under the paws and around her eyes, during which she was a perfectly stoic client.  She is exactly what I was hoping for; a smart, cuddly, gentle, and obedient!  Beautiful and non-shedding aren’t half bad either!  Speaking of beauty, we decided to take her to a photo shoot with us on a whim on her second day home, and would you believe she posed for the photographer!  She’s a natural in front of the camera!



Hey Kim and Mollie,

Just wanted to let you know how Rufus is doing.   He is PHENOMENAL!  He came to us pretty much potty trained, having only three accidents in the house!  He quickly caught on to ring the bells on the doors to be let outside, and could sit stay come and lay-down on command by 3 months.  He amazingly enough has not even chewed a single piece of furniture in the house, he seems to stick to the toys in his toy box and the odd paper towel.  We can take him to outdoor restaurants and he lays down at our feet, so calm and content until we are ready to go.  We are just floored by him!  His mello disposition is wonderful when our neighbors ten month old baby is over, he is so gentle with her and even when she gets the occasional fist full of his fur, he couldn’t be more loving.  He rarely barks, and the whole neighborhood wants one now.  Even our mailman loves him.  We get stopped so often with him I have to carry your website address around with me to give out.  Thank you so much for the world’s most perfect dog, he just keeps getting better and better.

Jenny, Owen and Rufus

Hi Kim,

Here are some pictures of Joey and Mason.  They are puppies from the April Ally/Cosmo litter.  There are 4 pictures.  If they don’t all show up at the bottom of the page, they can still be viewed through the attachment links.

Joey is the puppy with almost no white hair between his eyes.  Mason has more white between his eyes, and looks more like Cosmo as he gets older.

Joey is very affectionate and eager to please–and a little bit hyper.  Mason is more mellow and thinks that he is in charge.  Their personalities are very different from each other, and both very wonderful.  They are both very good puppies.  They’ve more than doubled in size since we got them.

Thanks for the wonderful puppies,


Hi Kim and Mollie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Oliver (Maggie and Royal).  He is such a love.  Everywhere we go everyone wants to know about him and pet him.  He loves all the attention and is only too happy to let people feel his amazingly soft fleece coat.  We have almost completed our first puppy obedience level and no surprise, Oliver is the star pupil.  He picks up things so quickly, he is by far the most easily trained dog we have had.  He seems to know when people are watching him and makes sure to ham it up, goof ball that he is.  I can’t thank you enough for him!  He is the pefect dog!  At 6 months old he now weighs 30lbs. and is about 19 inches tall. I am amazed at how he has grown – I guess time flies when you are having fun.

 Thank you again for such an amazing puppy!

Katrina  (and Oliver)

Portland, OR


Blossom made it home behaving like a perfect angel, not one potty accident and slept all night. Blossom seems to be adjusting fine to Lilac and likewise, Lilac is a great teacher and Blossom follows her everywhere. We are in love.

Thank you,


Kim & Mollie~

Just an update on Kai, he is WONDERFUL!! We are beyond pleased with him. At 17 weeks he knows, sit, down, crawl, speak, to wait until told OK for a cookie and that walking out the front door is a no-no. 🙂 He has already been kayaking and hiking. His favorite thing is going to the Strand (the path along the beach) and going for a walk.

Thanks so much for the answer and for Kai, he is awesome! I’ve attached a picture so you can see just how handsome he is.

Kathy & Keith

Hello Kim and Mollie

Hello From North Carolina!. Astro is 7 month old and 34 Lbs. He is very active and love to play all day long 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We think he looks like his grandmother, what do you think?


Edgar and Cristina
North Carolina

Hello Kim,

Cody has now been with us for four weeks – time really flies by when you are having fun. 🙂

And fun we have!!! Cody has adjusted wonderfully to his new environment – just look at the pictures. He loves to run around, catching sticks and all kinds of toys or simply go on little adventure trips around our lake. And there is nothing better than a “belly rub” in wet grass!!!

He is not afraid of anything – when Wolfgang started his motorcycle recently he actually wanted to “jump on” and ride with him. Of course we did not allow him as he does not own his helmet yet :-). He also loves to spend time on our boat where he usually is relaxing or watching his surroundings. We have introduced him to Hickory (a four year old Golden Retriever owned by one of our friends) – the two of them became friends and love to play.

 Kind regards from Virginia

 Wolfgang and Zita

Dear Kim and Mollie,

We are completely enraptured with our adorable puppies, Charlie and Annie. (produced by Lil Red and Kingston). They are 16 weeks old now. Charlie belongs to Sue & Rex, and Annie belongs to Judy & Bob. We live only a couple of blocks away from one another so they see each other almost every day for playdates and walks on the beach at Alki in Seattle, WA. We don’t get very far on our walks since swarms of beach goers stop us to marvel at our adorable puppies and ask us a million questions. They are a walking advertisement for Manor Lake Labradoodles.

Charlie is weighing in at 17 lbs…………….Annie at 12 lbs. We’ve seen an obedience trainer a couple of times, and our incredibly smart puppies know how to sit, lie down, and stay on command. They have slept in their crates at night since day one. Sue and I both agree that purchasing Charlie and Annie is one of the best things we have ever done. We are having such fun with them. They are the cuddliest, sweetest, most gentle dogs ever. We feel incredibly lucky to have them in our families. Thank you so much for raising such great dogs.  Pictures:  Charlie is on the left / Annie on the right.

Judy and Sue
Seattle, WA

Hi Kim and Mollie,

I noticed you put our message on your Blog – I thought I’d send you a picture to go along with it!

Rufus is doing great. He’s 5 months old and 20 lbs, very tall and lean. He’s the most well behaved dog I’ve ever met. He sits whenever he wants something, never jumps or bothers people who are eating. He’s great with kids and other dogs. He never barks (unless he’s really mad at one of his toys!). At night he goes into his crate by himself and sleeps quietly all night (as he has since day one!).

He loves to swim and hike, but also loves to be mellow and cuddle. He’s also very cute, and stops traffic wherever he goes. We can’t imagine life without him!

Thanks again,


Kim and Mollie,

Almost 18 weeks and he is doing fabulously! He is over 16 pounds…thriving! There are puppies all over our neighborhood so he has playdates all the time! Here he is pictured at a “doggie ice cream social”…lucky little boy! Obedience school starts this week, so we are looking forward to that. The smart guy already knows COME, SIT, SHAKE, and DOWN…very treat-driven! He loves to get dirty in whatever he can…we have a creek in our backyard and any chance he gets, he goes back to play in it. He likes dirt, sand, mud, and anything cold and wet! The girls adore him and he loves them…and Rick and I are smitten. He just had his first puppy haircut and did well. LOVE our Mr. G!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Rick and Julie

Kim and Mollie-

He is honestly so far beyond our expectations…no one can believe a dog can be this cute and this good. He is adjusting very well to his new home…sleeping through the night, starting to eat well, climbing stairs with confidence, attending 4th of July parties and being the hit, allowing all these kids to bother him with SO much attention and love 🙂 He is good at coming on command already! And you were right…he absolutely loves being outside. Total sweetheart…thank you!!!

Julie and Rick
New Jersey

Dear Kim and Mollie,

Wally, our beautiful puppy from Nora and Eddie, just turned 6 months! He is so smart, sweet, gentle, and of course, handsome. Wally is a funny little guy too–he keeps us smiling and laughing every day.  He is a true neighborhood celebrity–everyone either knows him or wants to meet him! Wally greets everyone with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. He loves to play fetch and tag, and always lets us know when it’s playtime!

Wally strolls around Gramercy Park every day, and gets lots of play and socialization from his many doggy friends in our neighborhood. On the weekends, Wally has been getting acclimated to our beach house in Shelter Island, NY. He absolutely loves to be outside, and went swimming for the first time last week.

We are so incredibly excited to have Wally as a part of our family. He has brought so much joy to us, our families, and our friends over the last 3 months. We can’t thank you enough!

Deena and Rob
New York, NY

  Hi Kim and Mollie,

 Grady (Grace and Eddie’s litter) turned a year in March and I wanted to send some updated photos.  He has turned out to be an incredible family dog.  He was easy to train, has a great disposition and just loves being around everyone (people and dogs).  What has surprised us most is how fast and agile he is.  We had no idea how much these dogs love to run.  Grady comes hiking and camping with us quite a bit.  He has turned out to be an incredible trail dog.  He has been trained on and off leash and stays close by always.  He loves to run ahead on hikes with the boys and then will stop and wait for us to catch up.  My husband loves mountain biking with him and is amazed at his stamina.  He jumps and prances with such pride.  What a great addition to our family.  It is comforting to know that he was so easily trained and we are thankful for your wonderful breeding program.  It is evident that he is a well bred dog.  We are stopped continuously as people comment on his beauty.  Thanks Kim and Mollie for your hard work and dedication.

 Oh, and by the way, he really doesn’t shed…….amazing!!

Ann, Chris, Luke and Jake


Hi Kim and Mollie,

We are very happy with our puppy from Nora and Eddie. We named him Monroe and he is now 6 months old and weighs 34 pounds. He is just darn adorable with a sweet temperament. His coat has lighten up a lot and shimmers when he prances. Attention from strangers is typical everywhere we go. We are on the road very often and he has adapted great to the motorhome life. As soon as we start the engine the little guy is napping. He loves to hike and take dips in cool mountain lakes or streams. He absolutely loves to romp on and eat snow. We’ve hired a trainer for sessions at our home. She brings her dogs for additional socialization. Most of all he is our little love bug, who has added cuddles, laughter and goofy puppy talk to our empty nest home. We just love him!

Enjoy the photos of this sweet puppy.


Dear Kim and Mollie

Charlie is absolutely a fantastic dog.  We love him so much.  He is eating better and now weighs about 22 lbs.  We have a trainer that comes to our home once a week and he is so smart and a very quick learner.  He goes to puppy daycare once a week for social time with other dogs and has a lot of non-human friends as well as human friends.  He is quite a little celebrity at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  One of his favorite things is to ride in the golf cart with us and chase the geese at our club.  Mark updates our daughters at college with videos, they now come home more often to see us? Charlie?  We have never second guessed our decision to purchase a labradoodle.  He is the perfect dog for a family.  I would definitely recommend training, they deserve it to bring out the best in them and for an owner.  I will send you pictures soon and a little video of our boy.

Thank you again.

Joy and Mark

Hi Kim and Mollie,

Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new puppy – he is so cute and well behaved, and has a really mellow personality – he’s not hyper but not shy or scared either, and loves to cuddle.

Thank you for your help and for such a great puppy!!!

Talia, Ian and Rufus

Hi Kim,

Caymus is doing great and is very happy.  He is now approx 15lbs.  Not so sure he is going to get much bigger, do you think? He has settled in very easily and is definitely apart of the family.  He enjoys long walks and daily runs with me.  And is trying desperately to become friends with our feisty 11yr old cat, Pumpkin, she is not having it at all!  The girls are in love with him.


Hi Kim and Mollie,

As you can see our Lolly is thriving under the California sun and is becoming a real California beach babe.

I’m already so impressed with your business that we have been recommending you daily to the dozens of people who fall in love with our Lolly every day.



Kim and Mollie,

I just wanted to update you on Chewy [Chewbacca].  He was born of Nora
and Eddie on 5-11-08.  He has been such a joy to share a home with.
His loving temperament infects everyone.  One weekend when we left Chewy with our Aunt over the weekend [she has dogs and lives on the lake, and he loves it], she told us there was “something magical about that dog.”

After 2 rounds of obedience training, Chewy has shown his intelligence is far superior to the average dog.  He has all the commands mastered.  Next up, agility classes.  We are excited to be able to take him to our beach house in Hilton Head this summer.

Yesterday he got his first haircut.  I think that the groomer had more of a Schnauzer look in mind, but we’ll get it down pat in no time.  I had no idea what a sturdy, lean dog was under all that fur.

Thanks so much for the most incredible dog in the world.  In another year or so, I plan on calling you for another puppy that Chewy can show the ropes.

Charlotte, NC

Dear Mollie and Kim,

We wanted to let you know how our sweet little puppy is doing.  We named him Wally shortly after his touchdown at Newark.  He is so cuddly and has made himself quite comfortable here!  You weren’t kidding that he loves being held, and he follows us around at every step–we are trying to introduce alone time now, even though we just want to stay home to be with him! (if you have any suggestions to that end, please let us know!)  He is going to the bathroom on the pads with no problem and goes to bed with little protest.  He impressed our vet today with his calmness, and our dog walker is excited to spend time with such a sweet puppy.  He has made us so happy in these few days!!

Thank you so much, Wally is obviously very socialized and must have enjoyed the wonderful environment in your home during these past 3 months.  We are so grateful!

Rob, Deena and Wally
New York City

Hi Kim & Mollie,

Hurley is a great little guy!  He just had a fun weekend in Maine playing in the snow, and hanging with some new dog friends.  He fits into any crowd and is a huge love bug.  He sits on comand now and is working on come…  We start puppy class next week.  I had a snow day today so I wanted to take the time to send some pics of the handsome guy 🙂  The pictures are from Castle Island in South Boston where Hurley gets some off-leash romp time when I get home from work.

Thanks again for everything!!  I am completely in love.

Boston, MA

Hi Kim and Mollie,

I cannot thank you enough for this perfect dog.  His temperament is incredible and we are so in love with him.  Max has slept through the night in his crate since we received him and he is doing great with his potty training and can already sit on command!  He’s playing fetch and is just the most mellow and fun loving puppy.  And best of all, he’s the perfect dog for my husband and his allergies.  I was definitely skeptical about the non-shedding and no odor coat, but it really is true!  Not a hair on my floor or clothes and my husband can hold him without getting watery eyes or sneezing.  They really are amazing dogs.

I’m already trying to talk my husband into another one…  I will send updates as he grows and thank you again for breeding these magnificent dogs!
They are everything you said and more.

Newport Coast, CA

Hey Kim & Mollie-

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Marley and share story with you all in hopes of raising awareness of the importance of buckling up our puppies! Also do you recommend any certified seat belts?

Marley is just about 4 months and is weighing in at 16 pounds! He has grown so fast. We are attending puppy classes at a local obedience school. He is about 5 weeks along and doing wonderfully. We have taught him sit, stay, NO (still a work in progress), Come (when he is on a leash) and give. The owner of the school is impressed with his progress and personality. In class he is always calm and ready to listen. We have also been meeting up with a local group of doodle owners, there are about 60 in the group! It is so much fun, and Marley loves playing with them all. Last weekend the weather was beautiful here and we went out for a walk… It took forever, because everyone who saw Marley had to stop to ask about him and of course pet him… We also got his final rounds of puppy shots last week, and the vet says he looks great!

On Saturday, Valentines day, we had spent the day playing on the rocks and enjoying the weather on Belle Isle with Marley. After leaving Marley jumped in the back seat and passed right out. I wanted to put him on my lap to snooze, but Cole reminded me he was filthy so we let him sleep in the back. We recently bought him a gentle leader so he was not buckled in with his harness as he usually is. Anyways we were headed up Main St. near cary town and a driver ran the red light at Belmont and T-boned us going 40 mph, hitting my side of the car. The first thing I remember was the impact and screaming for Marley. As we were spinning, I turned to see him and he wasn’t there. After we came to a stop, Marley was the only thing on my mind — Cole jumped out of the car, I knew he was fine. We found Marley on the rear driverside floor under the driver seat. I had to pass him through the window because Coles door is the only one that would open. Before coming to a stop on the sidewalk, we also jumped the curb and went over a fire hydrant. The hydrant ripped though the metal in the trunk and the passenger rear floorboard. We are so lucky Marley ended up on the rear floor of the drivers side of the car, he would be severely injured or not with us had he been on the passenger side. We are all fine and escaped with minor bruising and very sore muscles. The kid who his us was 22, it was his second drunk driving offense and was taken to jail, but seemed to thankfully be uninjured. We just found out this morning that he does have auto insurance and they are covering everything, even vet bills! I am so upset with myself for not having him buckled up, The witness said by the way I was screaming they thought we had had a child or baby in the back seat (he is my baby)…. So anyways buckle up your doodes, and car insurance does cover your pets!

We are sooo sooooo thankful to be ok, especially Marley!

I also attached some recent pictures. Thank you all so much, Marley is such an amazing puppy and perfect addition to our family.

Kelly, Cole & Marley
Washington D.C.

Hi Kim,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time.  Seeing new puppies from Ozzie’s mom and dad finally prompted me send you a note.  Our wonderful Ozzie is a little over 1 1/2 and continues to be a more wonderful dog than we could have ever imagined.  He has surpassed our expectations of the ideal dog in every way.  He is so sweet and friendly and amazingly smart.  He seems to have a sense of humor with both people and other dogs and has a smile and a wag for everyone he meets.  Not a day goes by without someone asking us about him and commenting on how beautiful he is.  He looks and acts like a real teddy bear.

We are remodeling out house and have moved twice within the last six months.  He has adapted to his new surroundings without any problems, staying calm even when we leave him home (which is pretty amazing because we are living in San Francisco on a busy street with sirens and dogs barking – very different from the quite he is used to in Tiburon).  I do bring him with me when ever I can, and no matter the situation, he always waits patiently.

My son and I are continuing to work on my husband with the hopes of getting a second dog from you.  Not sure this will happen in time to get one of his “brothers or sisters”, but we will keep trying.

I thought I would send this recent photo of Ozzie incase someone considering one of Cheyenne and Joey’s puppies wanted to see what they might look like.

Thank you again for breeding such terrific dogs.

Tiburon, California

Hello Kim and Mollie!

Thomas and I wanted to send you some pictures of our sweet little India. From the moment she arrived in North Carolina, India captured our hearts and has been such a joy in our lives.  She has the most loving personality and is eager to learn and please.  At four months, she loves to retrieve and already knows how to sit, shake, lie down and stay.  She was introduced to the beach over the holidays, and had the best time chasing birds and digging in the sand.  She fit right in and is going to be quite the beach babe.  We feel so fortunate to have found Manor Lake and cannot thank you enough for matching us with the perfect puppy.  Hope you enjoy the pictures…..she is so beautiful. Lily and Turk should be very proud!


Laura and Thomas

Chapel Hill, NC

Hi Kim and Mollie,

This is Debbie Steinberg from Toronto. I just wanted to send you some cute pictures of Kobe playing in the snow. He is now just over 10 months old. He is becoming a lot calmer and he is so smart. He knows the different names for his toys, and will bring them to us when we ask him where they are. He also makes up his own games with pushing his ball around the house. The other day he was keeping himself busy with taking the ball to the top of the stairs, dropping the ball and letting it roll downstairs, retrieving the ball, and bringing it up to the top of the stairs to do it all over again. This went on for quite some time, and we got quite a laugh out of it – i wished i had my video camera on hand.

Take care, and I’ll update you again in the future.

Toronto, Canada


Thank you for the information today regarding upcoming litters.  Our mini red labradoodle, Cooper is now 9 months old.  He is doing wonderful and is an absolute joy.  He has enjoyed watching the seasons change and has a love for the snow.  He loves to go on walks, play fetch, and cuddle up on our lap.  He follows my wife everywhere, yet is also quite independent.  He now weighs 20 pounds.  He is very smart and was very easy to train.  He loves meeting new people and plyaing with dogs in our neighborhood.  Attached are some updated pictures.  Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Kim and Mollie,

Just wanted to let you guys know that Murphy is doing great!!!!  She’s an absolute doll!!!  I’m going to send you pictures as soon as I upload them onto my computer.

She has slept through the night without an accident from day one and we couldn’t be happier with her temperment and demeanor!!!!!  We are totally in love with her and are already thinking about a playmate for her.  You guys are the best and we can’t thank you enough for our girl!!!!!

sharon, mark, sam and jake
New York, New York

 Hey Kim and Mollie,

Marley has been such an amazing addition to our family. He is a great puppy and we are enjoying every second of him. He loves to play fetch, and even brings the ball or toy back to us… Its amazing! Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. On Christmas day we took him to the Virginia Home, a facility for those with physical disabilities, to visit a family member. Marley LOVED meeting all of the residents and the attention! He was never scared or nervous even around all the wheelchairs! Most of the residents are unable to communicate, but you could see the pure joy and excitement on their faces. It was such a treat for them and us on Christmas. Once he is old enough we are hoping to do therapy work, visiting the local hospitals and nursing homes. We are so lucky to have found Manor Lake; Marley is such a blessing.

Thank you so much!

Kelly, Cole & Marley 🙂

Richmond, VA

Dear Kim and Mollie,

Thought you both might like to see how handsome Pete is now.  He just got a haircut so we can see his beautiful hazel eyes.  People literally stop me on the street to ask about him.  Even better, his personality and temperament are amazing.  He’s charmed everyone and has blended wonderfully into our pack.  We couldn’t be happier.



Dear Kim,

How are you? You must be busy with all the Christmas puppies.

This new little guy(Keawe-pronounced Key-away) is quite a BIG guy. When I brought him to the vet, people marveled at his calm disposition, with, I guess, one exception when they clipped his nails and he apparently “screamed bloody murder.” Ha, ha. That aside, I think he simply fantastic!!!  He immediately followed me around like a duckling and came in and out of the house as if he had lived there in a previous life. He navigates stairs like a pro and comes when called all the time. He is totally responsive to “ouch” “No” and today he leaned to sit!!  Any time he nibbles our nose and we say, “ouch”, he returns with kisses. He is fabulously social and is wonderful with all my friends’ kids. They think he is “sooo cute and cuddly.” He loves belly rubs and purrs like a kitten. He is sweet as chocolate incarnate. When one reads the description of a Australian Labradoodle, he really is that dog.

I had not intended on writing such a lengthy note, but your breeding program has inspired me. Really, Kim, I cannot thank you enough for this boy. What wonderful work you do. I really am so pleased and never thought he would be this special. As I said before, I can’t wait to write a super duper testimonial for you. I know lots of people in New England who would never dream of looking outside of this area for a Labradoodle, but I will be spreading the word that it is worth the trip!!!

I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday season. My best wishes to Mollie.

Warmest regards,

Trish and Keawe

Boston, Massachusetts


Just a note and a photo from Missouri.  Stella has been a dream come true.  We are quickly approaching  the one year mark as a family.  She loves playing outside and has many friends and cousins that come over to play.  She has learned an amazing number of words and commands, using the bells to go out potty.  One of her favorite things is riding in the Corvette with Mike.  Stella recieved her Canine Good Citizen certificate in July and has been going to a local nursing home, she and her cotton soft coat is a grand hit.  Thank you for sending us such a brilliant light to our lives, your puppies are a true wonder.

Happy Holidays
Mike, Marsha & Stella
Joplin, Missouri

Hi Kim & Mollie,

I just thought I would send you a little update on our little guy.  His name is Charles Henry, aka Charlie.  He is an adorable little guy and very smart.  He had his first session with a trainer yesterday and he is already sitting and can lay down, as well as fetch.  Our daughters were home for Thanksgiving and love him too. Our 2 dachunds are still adjusting.  Charlie will be attending puppy daycare one day per week.  Everything is going very well and he had his puppy health  check at our vet.  He is everything we wanted in a Australian Labradoodle and we love him.  Thank you for all your help.  I couldn’t have been any happier when we picked him up at the airport.

Best Regards,

Mark and Joy

Hi Kim & Mollie,

I wanted to give you pictures of our Cooper who is now 7 months old.  He has become a gorgeous boy who LOVES to sit on laps and cuddle (although he’s ALMOST too big).  He has become fiercely protective of our house and our four year old. They play hide and seek together and it is the cutest interaction to watch.  Our four year old was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog in August which required surgery to stitch her wounds closed.  Cooper helped her through the physical and emotional healing process.  He was incredibly gentle with her and laid by her side during the many hours she spent lying on the couch in pain. They are now inseparable.  He does have an intense shoe fetish and is constantly after our daughter’s teddy that she sleeps with…we’re guessing it’s because her smell is so strong on the bear.

Thank you for such a loving, intelligent (not to mention gorgeous) addition to our family.

 -Jackie, Washington

Hi Kim,

Thought you would like an update and some puppy pics.  We are all doing well. Mr. Sanders is so sweet, and is quite a good fetch player already.  We bring in crate in the bedroom at night and he sleeps quietly until morning.  Our kittens do run from him, and he gives chase,but he would love to play with them,  they are not quite ready for that yet.

He was a bee for Halloween, I carried him in a front pack.  Everyone thought he was a stuffed animal at first.  He enjoyed it, got a pumpkin biscuit treat from the Three Dog Bakery uptown for his own Trick or Treat.

He loves being with us and being held.

Hope you had a great Halloween yourself.  Thanks again!

Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Kim,

Just wanted you to know that we are celebrating Beau’s first birthday tomorrow and couldn’t be more pleased with him.

He’s smart, affectionate, and a generally good boy. Can’t imagine life without him. He’s one of a kind and a great addition to our family.


Bob, Susan, Elliott, & Grace
Seattle, Washington

Kim / Mollie

Lucy turned one today and we cannot remember what our home was like without her. She brings a smile to our faces every time that we walk through the door and she is standing there looking up at us. I have told you before and will tell you again, you breed amazing dogs. If my wife would allow it, we would be getting another one. Trust me, I am still working on her. These dogs are so easy to train and so even tempered. She has never gotten upset with anyone – not even with my four year old tormenting her on a daily basis. Again, thanks for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives. I hope that you, your family and your dogs are all doing well.


Scarsdale, New York


Rosie is 7 months old now & an absolute angel. She has the most wonderful personality…….so gentle, smart, endearing, beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to choose her. We are asked what kind of dog is she? Her coloring is so unique & people comment on it all the time. She goes everywhere with us & is so well behaved but friendly to everyone. I attribute this to your breeding program. I have given your name to quite a few people & have a friend who I think is very interested. I have given you all the credit for our wonderful little girl.




Hi Mollie and Kim!


We are so in love with Jax! Jonathan and Jax are inseperable! He arrived fully trained! How did you do that? ;). He is so sweet and playful and curious AND puts himself to sleep to nap in his crate! We play music for him at bedtime (fyi the music stopped him from yelping within 5 min all 3 nites) and he slept 7 hours! We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave him at home for the Diabetes Walk to find a Cure. We purchased a soft shearling carrier and he stole the show! Made it on our local news! Slept upside down in the puppy carrier the entire 3 mile walk! Ill send a picture from the walk!

I’ve given your website address out at least 5 times! Hopefully we will have a neighborhood playmate from his birthplace soon!

You have a wonderful way of matching puppies with families. To do this long distance was quite unique but in the end all worth it! The children are all walking in from school now and Jax is smothering them with kisses!

Thanks again for being so good at what you do! Your Manor Lake puppies and dogs are all so precious. And so well cared for.

We are truly in Australian Labradoodle heaven,

And I’m not exaggerating one bit! 🙂


Michelle Mark Lauren Morgan J.B. And JAX!

Hi Kim/Mollie:


Our Snicker is now over six months old and we wanted to share some photos with you.


He is still our little darling.  He has become such a great little companion and such good company.  He is also very amusing and very bright.  Whenever he wants to play we tell him which toy to get and he goes to the basket with all his toys and picks out the one we requested.  He loves to run and catch his little football; he loves to play bouncy ball; and, he loves to go riding in the car.


Most of all, everyone that sees him thinks he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen.  We are so proud of our Snicker.


Thank you Manor Lake for such a loveable little guy.


Lou and Ray

PensylivanniaDear Kim and Mollie-

It is 4 months now and our beautiful puppy Miley is doing great, she is so smart she is trained,we love her so much. Every where we go people tell us how beautiful she is her color is amazing,we take her every where with us to soccer games to the stable.She is so great with my 3 daughters all the kids in the neighborhood come over to see Miley.We thank you so much for this wonderful puppy,we can’t imagine our home with out her,we are working on puppy #2 We tell every one about Manor Lake.. You are the BEST… We will send pictures soon.

Thank you The Fortich Family
Roslyn Harbor, New York

Mollie and Kim,

Just wanted to let you know that our beautiful puppy arrived safe and sound last night! He is fabulous and his first night although a bit restless, I think it went rather well.  He slept in his kennel, cried a little at first then only cried when he wanted to go out.  We went out three times. He has not had any accidents in the house yet, so far so good!  I am trying keep on top of getting him out regularly but he is doing great even so!!  He is here at work with me today.  He already seems quite attached. He is eating well. His name is Lucky.  My son Drew told me one day that he thought our new puppy was really lucky because he would have a family that would love him so much and I told him that we are lucky too to have such a great dog to come and live with us.  So he said that is what we should name him!  So far it has stuck!!  And we are all hooked!!!!


Thank you!  He is doing great!  We met with the trainer yesterday and both the vet as well as the trainer said what a great dog we have!!  Thanks to you all!!


Will keep in touch,

Thank you again for our fabulous boy!


Hi Mollie and Kim,

Doogan arrived safe and sound at Bradley airport. He is adorable and so playful and loving. Thank you for the tips on what to bring to the airport. That helped immensely. I bathed him this AM. He slept through the night about 8 hours with only minimal crying for a couple of minutes in his crate. And no accidents!!! He’s wonderful. Thank you so much.


Hi Kim & Mollie!
We are totally loving our puppy!  We named him Reggie after Reggie Bush who played for USC.  My husband is a huge fan of the Trojans.  I am so tired.  It is like having a new born.  Reggie is so sweet and loving.  He has been very mellow.  I think he is finding his personality.  Today he has been more active.  He is learning to walk on the leash.  He is very cautious. Every sound he hears, he stops.  We went to the vet on Wednesday. Thank you for sending us our great puppy!  We will send you pictures and updates.



Hi Kim and Mollie,

Thank you again for everything. Little Finne and I are getting on quite nicely.  Of course, everyone LOVES him!  He has many self-proclaimed ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ in the city, and more puppy sitting offers than I can count.

I’ll keep you posted on The Life of Finne – Seattle.  =^)


Seattle, Washington


I just wanted to update you on our labradoodle, Delilah.  She has fit in so well to our family.  We’ve had her for almost four weeks, but it feels like she’s been with us forever.  She sleeps well through the night and is great at telling us when she needs to go out. She’s cuddly and playful.  She loves romps in the backyard and is becoming more adventurous every day.  We have her attending some puppy socialization classes through our vet and she gets complimented constantly for her looks and personality.  She is really receptive to training and plays well with the other dogs.  She is even more than we had have hoped for.  Thank you for our doodle!


The Yellens


Kim and Mollie,

Just wanted to touch bases with you regarding Marley.  She is doing very well. She has been a joy in our household.  Marley is far and away the smartest dog we have ever owned.  I cut up a treat into twelve pieces and she learned ‘sit’ after the first 5 or 6.  She loves to cuddle and she has charmed all of our family and neighbors.  My husband and son are head-over-heels and we are all amazed at how much personality she has.  She has us laughing all day long.  Take a look at the picture with the ball.  She chases it a little bit, then hangs out on top of it for a break!  What a goof!

Thanks for such a great puppy! We would heartily recommend you to others (and have already).

Maddy and family in Pennsylvania


Mollie and Kim:


Attached are some pictures of Moula from four weeks ago.  I promise to send more recent photos as soon as I download them as her hair is much longer and every weekend I notice how much bigger she is getting. She is adorable.  When Moula arrived she weighed 4.5 lbs.  On August 12 – ten days after her first visit to the vet she weighed 6 lbs.  Gained one-third of her weight in 10 days!  Last week she weighed 7.8 lbs.  Still small but growing.  You were right in that Moula is the sweetest little girl.  She has the best temperament, is very eager to learn but at the same time can be a little devil.  She loves to play, loves belly rubs and is fascinated with water. I have a fountain in the courtyard and before I knew it, who was in the middle of the fountain having a great ole time?  Moula.


Moula comes to work with me every afternoon.  I go home at lunch and then she comes back to the office with me.  All at work are in love with her.  People are so amazed by her looks and personality.  My office looks like a doggy day care – toys everywhere, potty pad (just in case), dog dishes, small crate, etc.  She is a spoiled little girl.  And we both are very thankful I have a boss who loves dogs and who by the way loves Moula.


I couldn’t be more pleased.  Of all the pups I have had, Moula is by far the easiest to train.  Housebreaking is going well. Since the day she came home though she has not once messed during the night.  Moula has learned to sit on command, stay for short periods of time and we are now working on down.  Leash training was a breeze. We also are working on “be quiet” because she can be a talker and she needs to learn sometimes the talking needs to stop.  She climbed stairs the first week home but has yet to go down them.  So every time I go upstairs she has to come with me and I have to carry her down.  She started to look as if she was going to attempt to go down the stairs yesterday afternoon but that didn’t happen.  In time she will.  She follows me everywhere!!!!!


I cannot thank both of you enough.  The time and effort you put into Moula before she arrived truly shows.


Moula is the best little girl.  Loved by all who meet her but most of all loved very much by me.  I couldn’t imagine not having her.


San Diego, California



Hey Kim and Mollie,


I just wanted to let you know that Izzie is doing GREAT!  She is so smart and is doing great with her training!  The trainer is amazed at how quickly she picks things up….after a few weeks, she can sit/stay, down/stay, shake, high 5, wave, and roll over.   She walks well on her leash and is great dogs as well as people…..My 5 year old daughter carries her around all the time and Izzie is so patient about it!  I am so happy with my purchase and want to thank you for breeding such a great dog!  I’m almost ready for another one!!  I’ve included some pictures for your to see just how cute she is!  Thanks again!


North Carolina





Thank you again for everything Kim! We love our two Australian Labradoodle boys- they’re a perfect addition to our family!


All the best,







I just wanted to drop you a note about Russell. Russell is such a blessing.  He and Shaggy get along so well. They love each other and rassel around and just have a great time.  He is  beautiful. Looks a lot like his Father. I promise a picture we are going to take some this weekend and I will send one to you.He is very well mannered and Shaggy taught him to sit on command.  He almost has the come, and wait command mastered, but I am not worried. He is very young. The children love him and it has been a pleasure. My friend Melissa is so excited about their new addition.  I have two more friends that are gong to be contacting you. My friends are so amazed that I ended up with two perfect dogs, and I tell them…”It’s the breed, not me”. I truly believe that the Australian Labradoodle is the best thing going!!!!!!!  It is all the qualities of all the great things about dogs all rolled into one.

Jen and family

New Jersey


We are extremely pleased with our puppies (Australian Multigeneration Miniature Labradoodles), Burberry & Pringle.  Kim Kochman, breeder, and her assistant, Mollie, have exceeded our expectations at this point.  The web site is  They breed three sizes:  miniature, medium, and standard.  Also, many colors are available.





Dear Kim and Mollie,


This is a long overdue note of thanks for such a wonderful puppy. His arrival was a great experience.  the airline was fantastic.  We have all fallen in love with our Moose.  He is now almost 5 months old and enjoying life to the fullest.  He has had all his shots, is enrolled in puppy school, enjoys new experiences- kids, adults, other dogs, parks, ponds…., and continues to love to be held.  House training and crate training went very well.  He is taken on 2-3 walks a day.

I will send pictures hopefully next week after he is groomed for the first time. We got together with Moose’s cousins also this week- the Feltes’s dogs.  I will send those pictures too.  They had a great time playing.  I have also finally sent along to you the health form.


Thank you,


Melissa and Family

New Jersey


Dear Kim,


Here is Shaina at 10+weeks 8 lbs + She is everything I had hoped for and more. About a week after her arrival in San Francisco, we moved up to Bear Valley in the Sierra for the summer. Lots of ‘room’ here and she loves it. Socializing nicely with neighbors, friends, kids, and selected other healthy dogs. I took her to the local vet a couple of days ago to introduce her to Shaina and to have her shot. (Shaina, not the vet) She is all the things a puppy should be. She is now almost 10 lbs at 12 weeks and seems to be having an eating and growing spurt. Thanks for the beautiful dog and the fine preparation.

I have started obedience training. Every day is an adventure and entertainment.


Warm regards,



San Francisco, California


p.s. a couple of days ago my wife discovered we have a near neighbor with a 12 week male apricot labradoodle. Taking over the world!






Hi Mollie & Kim-

I just wanted to let you know how the puppy is doing.  I decided to name him Winston, it fits him very well.  We’ve had a lot of family in town, staying at the house and they all adore him!  I don’t think his feet ever touched ground, everyone wanted to hold him.  He’s getting used to his surrounding and starting to investigate and pick on the shepherds (he chases after them and bites their heels).  He is now eating better and sleeping through the night.  Everyone thinks he is growing every minute and can’t believe it.  He started learning to swim, but isn’t quite sure what to think about it.  I attached some pictures, one is him playing tug with our 10 month old German shepherd.  My cousin got him a t-shirt that he is wearing proudly in the other one.


-Breanna, Arizona







Hi Kim,


Hana is thriving in Colorado.  She loves the outdoors and gets great delight in chasing butterflies, leaves and anything else that flies by.  She would rather the deer stay out of her territory as they still perplex her.  Hana is a great hiker and is so proud of herself when she is leading in front on her leash.  She is doing so well in puppy school and knows sit, down, stand, wait, stay, touch, go bed, go crate.  We are working on come…it happens when it suits her as does leave it and off.  Hana loves the laundry basket and our exercise shoes which she knows are off limits but very tempting.  We love having her as part of our family.  She is both an angel and an imp and cute as can be.  This week she goes for her first grooming although she has already had several baths since she will be in any puddle or dirt that comes her way.


Thank you,


Ellen, Colorado

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to drop you a note about hopw in love we are with Penny! She is such a great dog! She is really really trainable and so loving and very sociable. Everyone is in love with her who meets her and she is the celebrity dog of not only our block but all the kids on the camp bus too! Penny has a lot of dog freinds in our neighborhood and loves to play with all of them. She weighs about 23 pounds now and is of course still growing. Penny is the perfect companion to everyone in our household and we all are so happy with her. She is also taking puppy manners classes!

Warm Regards,

Los Angeles, California.



Kim and Mollie,

The crate recommendation worked great (he was a tight fit on the way home, but we made it).  Thanks!  Nate is a hit wherever we go and he absolutely loves all the attention.  We recommend labradoodles and Manor Lake to anyone who asks (and that’s everyone we see).  Keep up the great work!  Here are a few pics.

Dorothy and George



Hi Kim,

Lucy is almost 8 months old now and we wanted to let you know that she is an amazing dog and is doing great. She has been ridiculously easy to train. She just does what you tell her to do without hesitation. She is spending two days a week at doggy day care when I am unable to be home with her and she loves playing with all of her friends. She is great with kids, dogs and everyone that she comes into contact with. We are often stopped on the street to be told how spectacular she is. We have given your name and number out to a few people and hope that they contact you for a puppy. Hope all is well with your family and dogs.

New York, New York






Hope all is well.  I just wanted to give you an update on our new puppy.  He is doing great.  We named him Cooper.  We have had him for 2 weeks now, and he has been a great puppy, with a wonderful temperment.  Everyone who meets him thinks he is the most adorable puppy they have ever seen.  He has adjusted well to our home, and has not had any accidents.  We could not be happier.  I have attached a few pictures of him over the last few weeks.




Dave and Jessica

Breinigsville, PA


Hi Kim and Mollie,


Just wanted to send some recent pictures of Grady (from Grace and Eddie’s litter).  Grady is now 3 months old.  He has made the adjustment to our home and is doing great.  He is a playful, smart and happy puppy.  He goes “potty” outside and has learned to sit and lay down.   He loves to play with our young boys and has become a wonderful addition to our family.  We love to watch him prance around.  He is a proud little boy.  Thank you for such a beautiful and special puppy.  We love him.



Ann, Chris, Luke and Jake




Kim and Mollie,

Burberry is adjusting extremely well and is such a gem. In fact, he is adjusting much better than we could ever have imagined. He is at work with me right now… and is getting accustomed to all the new sounds! His Saturday delivery was without a snag (very impressive airlines) & he didn’t even mess in his crate. He came clean as a whistle, he’s such a bundle of love. Have a fantastic day… love from Burberry!

Dana, Illinois





We could not be more pleased with our Snicker.  He is just a darling little fella and he has captivated the attention of everyone he comes in contact.  Manor Lake has provided us with the little darling we knew he would be and we will be forever grateful for the time and energy spent on him. Each day we grow more and more fond of our Snicker and he is a testament to Manor Lake’s hard work. We cannot praise you highly enough.

We had him checked by our local vet and he passed with flying colors.

Once again Snicker is an endearing little guy and he has a loving place in our home.


Thanks again for everything.


Ray and Lou





Hi Kim


I have wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Marley(about 15 pds) and Milo(14 pds). They were 6 months on the 2nd of May.


They were bathed yesterday and had the hair cut from their eyes.


They are the sweetest dogs, so love-able, great personalities. Marley is the shy guy he lets Milo do all the investigating. Milo is our busy guy and is always playing. They have brought so much joy to our lives. We are constantly asked where we got them. They get a lot of attention when were out with them. I am fortunate that I can bring them to work with me every day. They have completed two puppy classes with flying colors. They are very smart dogs. Their brother Teddy came up from San Diego about a month ago to see us and the dogs all got along really well, we believe they remembered each other.




Rhonda, California




I haven’t sent you an update in a while and wanted to let you know that as we approach a year, we couldn’t be happier with Java.  He has been one of the easiest puppies!!!  He is always willing to please and extremely trainable.  Here are a couple of pictures.  I am now grooming both doodles myself and even though Java hasn’t gone through his coat change, I did give him a summer cut as it is pretty hot for him with a full coat and he looks all grown up!  He isn’t swimming yet like Kona, but he is really starting to think about it.  I hope all is well in Washington.  You have some beautiful dog and some very awesome puppies on the way.  I have to stay away as they are all so temping.


The S. Family, California



Mollie and Kim

Just wanted to let you know Duncan is doing very well. He snuggled the whole car ride home, he is just a lovebug!

He is sleeping through the night in his crate, and hasn’t had an accident yet! We absolutely adore him! Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! I truly believe that Manor Lake breeds THE best puppies.



~jen, derrick, wyatt, vivi, and duncan



Hi Kim and Mollie,

We picked up the puppy from the airport on Friday. Air Canada treated him really well. He wasn’t afraid at all and was very calm when we brought him home. He’s doing very well. We love him very much. He’s exploring, learning and teething a lot. After a whole weekend without a name, we finally decided to call him Kobe. He is just the sweetest thing. He has such a funny personality. When we give him his toys, he takes them all to one little carpet and he keeps a whole pile there. He loves napping on big pillows, and we havn’t had any accidents yet!!

Thanks again for everything…

Debbie, Toronto Canada

Hi Kim,

I finally have some pictures of Buddy to send you.  He was exactly 5 months when this was taken.  He is doing great and we just love him, he is really a well behaved dog, He basically has free run of the house, he has a doggy door that goes out to his dog run, so he uses that when he as do go to the bathroom, but most of the time he stays pretty close to us, he plays great with his toys and our grandchildren. He also plays well with other dogs, sometimes when he sees another dog on his walk he thinks he is bigger than he is until we get closer.  He is really pretty funny.

Thanks again,






Clyde & Cody are doing great. Horses haven’t figured out what to make of them yet. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Hi Kim,

I wanted to send you a couple of updated photos of Cody and Clyde! They are 4 months old now and doing great. They are so energetic, smart, fun and loveable. Everywhere we go we hear ” What kind of dogs are they? They are sooo cute!?”Cody is the one outside( Cheyenne and Eddie) His coat is getting lighter as you can see by his ears. Clyde is so proud of himself as he found out how to get on the mantle and pose! (Lilly and Eddie) We potty trained them using poochie bells and in 7 days they were ringing the bells to go outside… potty and to play, but they picked up quickly. We will keep you posted on our sweet little boys!

Thanks again,

The K. Family
New York


Heather and family, Texas


Hi Kim.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with our precious labradoodle.  Buddy is a great puppy. He is so easy, so adorable, he give us so much pleasure.  He is really quite a character lots of personality, very smart, he is just a love.  We have taken him out with us when we go out to breakfast or lunch when they have an outdoor patio (the weather has been great)  He is so well behaved! He will start training shortly.  I think he will be easy to train. He  went to the vet today for more  shots, he weighs 15 lbs. he will be 15 weeks tomorrow. Our Vet always comments on what a great dog we have.  We really were fortunate when we found your web site I will send you pictures when I figure out how to down load them to my computer.  His black coat is just beautiful and his face gets cuter and cuter everyday.

Thanks for giving us a great dog

Cindy and family, California


Hi Kim,

I just have to tell you once again how happy we are with our Puppy. Buddy is just the greatest dog.  He is so easy, so well behaved.  We take him with us all the time, he is just great.  We are actually up in the mountains this weekend, we have a home in Lake Arrowhead, he saw Snow  for the first time, he just loves it, He is having the best time, so easy, just adjusts to every new situation like he’s been doing it forever.

I had a private trainer come to the house last week I was going to do a series of private and then he would go into a group class, she said why am I here? he is so good, so we did one private and then he will go into the class, He is really a great puppy. Just wanted to let you you how happy we are, he has the greatest personality.  He is so wonderful with our grandchildren.

Thanks again,

Cindy and family, California


I thought you might like to see some pictures of Laddie now that he is seven months old. There are two taken on his birthday and one at his graduation from puppy obedience school. As the pictures testify, he is growing into a beautiful, beautiful boy. He also did proudly in obedience school. We are finding that there is quite a network of labrodoodle people. I have given out your e-mail several times as we feel you provide wonderful puppies and superior breeding. We are also finding that labradoodles – at least the ones we have met – have similar characteristics: intelligence and a propensity for clowning around.

Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.


Jackie and Family, Billings, Montana



Lucy is 14 weeks old and gets more spectacular with each passing day. We are absolutely amazed at how smart she is and how easy she has been to train. Our vet and dog trainer are both very impressed with her and have both stated that it is obvious how well she was taken care of while in your care. She was sleeping through the night after only three days and now only has very rare accidents that are mostly my fault and not hers. Although my wife thinks that I am nuts, I am almost ready to bring home another puppy from one of your upcoming litters. Thanks for everything and mostly for breeding such an amazing puppy. Clover and Eddie should be very proud of their daughter.

Jason, Scarsdale, New York


Dear Kim,


Enclosed are pictures of Bosco in his new home. He has adjusted very quickly. We can’t thank you enough for this bundle of love. He has brought so much joy to our family. He is very silly, fun and the best “snuggler”! We took him to the vet last week. He said that he could tell that Bosco came from a great breeder who spent a lot of time with him. He said he is very socialized and healthy and will grow to be a wonderful pet! He also started puppy school this past week. He is the best behaved puppy at school. The trainer even uses him to demonstrate commands. Bosco also gets along very well with our 10-year old dachshund, Oscar and vice versa. They play together often. We have fallen in love with the Australian Labradoodle breed. Thanks again!


Jamie, Patrick and Family

New Jersey




My family had a great experience with Manor Lake Labradoodles.  Kim and Mollie are comprehensively supportive, flexible, and accommodating.  And their puppies are cute, well-mannered, with wonderful temperaments and well-trained upon delivery.  Manor Lake Labradoodles is a wonderful breeder.



Art and Family.

San Diego, California


Dear Kim,


There are no words that we can use to express how much we love our little Cali LG

(short for Little Girl).  We loved the name and thought we would continue it from mother to daughter.  Our little girl has brightened up our home once again since we lost our last companion after 17 years.  She is a fur ball of sheer pleasure and fun.  When we give her the command “Outside”, she comes to us and sits down so that we can put her collar and leash on her.  The occasional accident in the house doesn’t phase us as she is learning quite quickly to “go potty” outside.  Her intelligence, personality and loving kisses are a testimony to your wonderful commitment to breeding the best Labradoodles.   Starting with the attention that was given to her  during shipping to your phone support, we don’t think that there could be a more caring or professional breeder anywhere.  Thank you once again for such a wonderful bundle of joy.


Mark and Joyce

New Jersey


After searching for quite a while, I found Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles.  When I spoke to Kim, I knew I had found my breeder.  Our girly, Copper, has exceeded all of our expectations.  The joy she has brought to  our family is immeasurabale.  We get stopped everywhere we go with our little puppy and I have given out Kim’s name many times.  Thank you so much for breeding such a smart, loving, and GORGEOUS puppy.


Jan Ping


Hi Kim,

Just a note to let you know all is well and she is doing just great.  The airplane ride didn’t seem to phase her in the least.  It took no time for her to be playing with my 2 grandchildren in the back seat.  We got home and she acted perfectly comfortable with her surroundings.  As of this afternoon, I think she realizes that when we go outside she is not just out there to chase leaves.  I seem to be having a problem naming her.  Any ideas?  Seems I have too many opinions (my children).  My wheaten has her moments of frustration with her, but for the most part is good to her.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.




Here’s some of the the latest pictures of our little Maxer-Doodle…
and of course that’s Jax in the background!  Hee-hee!  They are such buds!
I have to tell you, Max gets so much attention when we go to the park.
He’s a superstar!  Everyone just loves his look and his color.  The public
reaction is the same as mine when I found your website!
Your dogs are gorgeous!  And so I guess I can say my dog is too!

Thanks a bunch!



Hi Kim,

Our puppy is doing great.  We have named him “Dewey”.
We absolutely love Dewey and thank you for breeding such
wonderful puppies!


Deciding to get a Labradoodle from Kim Kochman has been great for our family.  Rudy is a chocolate and has white tips all along his back and tail.  He is very handsome.  By far he is the smartest dog we have ever owned.  He was house trained quickly and is very obedient.  He loves our Labrador and she is growing to love him.  Our Labradoodle is so sweet and adapts to new people and situations beautifully.  He is very playful and lives to please.  We love him and can’t imagine life without him.



The F. Family


Hi Kim,

Well Piper has turned out to be a peppy little dog, I think he finally understands to go downstairs and out to potty! He is adorable & weighs about 22 lbs (from 7) now. We get stopped often on walks because he struts – but he is really only interested in playing with the dogs we meet – he has gotten growled at for being too forward, but doesn’t seem to deter him. He is in Puppy Kindergarten; another labradoodle pup there, but looks just like a lab only and he sheds. Bought from a “breeder” but not multi-generational, I would guess. Was a good traveler on a week long car trip to visit family and had a ball, since every house we visited had a dog(s). One day, my also visiting sister who has Alzheimer’s “went for a walk”, taking 3 dogs including Piper, leashless. Left the property of several acres and after an hour. was found 3 miles away on private property. The owner’s irate complaint call to the Sheriff, thankfully, gave us the location as to her whereabouts and she was found and gratefully, so was Piper! My brother was amazed that Piper was unleashed and still with them! He had his adventure – never having walked that far, ever!

Thanks, Mae

Hi Kim,

Thought I would send you a picture of Buster, Bella’s cream boy who we received at the end of June. He is a good boy and so loved by our family!

Best wishes,


Newport Beach, California