Our Australian Labradoodles come in three sizes: miniature, medium and standard. 

Miniature size is 15 to 30 pounds14 to 16 inches at the shoulder

Medium size is 30 to 45 pounds, 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder 

Standard size is 45 pounds and over, 20 to 26 inches at the shoulder

  Above: Miniature sized Australian Labradoodle

Above, left to right: Standard, medium, and miniature sized Australian Labradoodles

Some things to keep in mind when you are deciding which size is right for you:

– How much space to you have inside your home/apartment and outside of  your home?

– Do you want your dog to be able to jump in and out of the car or do you want to lift her/him in and out?

– Activity level of your family

If you are really unsure about which size will work best for you, a medium dog can work very well as they are not too big or too small. They can jump easily in and out of the car and are usually not too big to lift if you need to.

Small dogs are great for carrying around and wonderful on laps and in doggy carriers or dog purses. Keep in mind that smaller dogs usually need to be handled more carefully and can occasionally get colder. Also, if a dog is really small they can be stepped on or tripped over. Our Australian Labradoodle miniatures are most often over 15 pounds so they are not too small.

Large and very large Australian Labradoodles do need a bit more space to run around. A larger dog can occasionally knock over something on a coffee table with their tail. Another consideration is that larger dogs do eat more, so dog food and supplies can be more expensive than for smaller dogs.

Please remember, with all sizes of Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles, training is always important. Keep in mind that your dog’s behavior is a reflection on you!