Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles is currently looking for guardian homes for a few of our Australian Labradoodle dogs and puppies. We select our guardian families very carefully- and our first qualification is to live within a 60 mile radius of Bellingham, WA. A Guardian Family Home is a place where one of our Australian Labradoodle dogs or puppies chosen especially for Manor Lake’s breeding program lives as a wonderful family dog. Manor Lake retains all breeding rights for all males and females, and the guardian family gets a pet for free. The Australian Labradoodle dog or puppy will live with you and come to Manor Lake only when required testing needs to be done, when it is time to be bred or when she is ready to have her puppies- health testing and any reproductive costs are that of Manor Lakes’. Requirements:

  • Guardian family must live within a 60 mile radius of Bellingham, WA.
  • Guardian family must feed a high quality dog food such as Life’s Abundance or other approved food (see grading dog food on Manor Lake’s blog or confirm food with Manor Lake).
  • Provide a safe environment that includes fenced yard or an invisible fence. If a female, notify Manor Lake as soon as girl comes into heat and take precautions to keep unaltered males away. If girl is to be bred, transport her to Manor Lake for approximately 1 week and then pick her up. If girl is due, transport her to Manor Lake at 5 to 7 days before delivery and pick her up approximately 8 weeks after delivery. Guardian family is not to allow a male to breed to other females.
  • If receiving a puppy, guardian family is to provide basic obedience training at approximately 4 to 6 months of age– a group class or with an individual trainer. Guardian family also must make sure dog is leash trained, potty trained and crate trained and ensure that the dog is well socialized.
  • A willingness to accept and follow Manor Lakes’ recommendations for the dog’s basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc.
  • Transport dog to Manor Lake for health testing (for approximately 1 week) at 9 months of age, but also upon Manor Lakes discretion of date.
  • Manor Lake will cover all veterinary expenses and give shots as appropriate as well as provide rabies, etc. if dog is transported to Manor Lake. If Guardian family wishes to take the dog to a vet of their own nearby, guardian family must notify Manor Lake as to which veterinarian for approval, notify Manor Lake when there is a scheduled appointment and forward all vaccination records and paperwork associated with each visit as well.
  • If guardian family chooses to take the dog to their own vet, guardian family accepts all charges incurred at their veterinarian.
  • A willingness to maintain open lines of communications with Manor Lake with any matter related to the dog by providing Manor Lake a monthly update on the dog at the first of every month.
  • Notify Manor Lake of new contact information if there is any change in telephone number or address.
  • Upon completion/fulfillment of the guardian home contract, dog will be spay/neutered and ownership will be transferred from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles to guardian home.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family for one of our Australian Labradoodle dogs or puppies, please submit a Manor Lake application online and contact us via email at to begin the process.