You have decided a Manor Lake Australian Multigeneration Labradoodle is right for you! Please fill out the adoption application below. Your application helps us select a puppy that compliments your family and lifestyle. Along with your application, we encourage families to e-mail us detailing you, your family, what is a typical day for you and a pet in your home, and what sort of personality traits do you see being a good fit in a dog? This is also very helpful for us in assuring a wonderful fit!

Applications are registered on a first come first serve basis secured by a non-refundable $500.00 deposit/booking fee once we have approved your application.

We will contact you after we have received your application on-line. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours please email or call at or 360-303-0497. Your deposit can be paid either via Paypal by visiting our “Puppy Costs/ Make a Deposit” Page, calling us on the phone with a credit card, or by mailing a check made out to Kim Kochman and mailed to Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles, 2950 Newmarket Street, Suite 101-181, Bellingham, WA 98226. Once we have received your application and deposit you will be placed on your desired litters reserve list. We will contact you when the puppies are born.

Puppy pictures will be emailed to you in a bi-weekly update through the sixth week. Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles will match you with a puppy that best suits your needs and work with you on any travel arrangements that need to be made to welcome your puppy home. Also, at this time, your final payment will need to be made by any of the above methods, however there is a 3% processing fee for using PayPal or a credit card that is applied. We’re happy to discuss payment options with you!

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles will be available for ongoing support and information throughout the puppy adoption process and for the lifetime of your Australian Multigeneration Labradoodle! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about purchasing an Australian Multigeneration Labradoodle puppy.

Puppy Adoption Application form 

Does anyone in your family suffer from DOG related asthma or allergies?


What size do you prefer?
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Does your family have:
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If yes on children, ages:

Is your yard fenced:
If not, how do you plan to protect your dog:

How do you plan to care for your puppy during the day:

Why are you interested in a labradoodle:

Is your lifestyle:
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